What is a Cloud PBX Phone System?

Cloud PBX phone system is the newest technology that’s revolutionizing how businesses communicate. Now, companies can have their own sophisticated telephone system, with no need to invest in telephone...

Cloud PBX phone system is the newest technology that’s revolutionizing how businesses communicate. Now, companies can have their own sophisticated telephone system, with no need to invest in telephone equipment. Additionally, your VoIP supplier of choice will set-up and maintain the whole system.Image result for PBX

A lot of features are available at a cost convenient for any small business. It is a service designed especially for your industry. From one user home office to a commercial call center, hosted PBX phone providers offer customized solutions to fit your requirements. If your company operates from multiple places, it is possible to run centrally from one location, allowing better productivity and lower strain on resources.

A hosted PBX phone system lets employees work from any place with no restrictions. They can even work from their home while still being connected to the same phone system. It permits you to transfer callers, set up conference calls, place them on hold with music or have an automatic attendant answer your calls.

Key Concepts

  • Cloud PBX business phone system can work with your current phone service or it may replace it completely.
  • Your telephone system is operated by your service provider.
  • It may incorporate mobile phones, landline phones, and might also come with VoIP support.


  • Firms are now able to benefit from the services provided by the most recent cloud PBX phone providers. When compared with traditional PBX, this support is not as costly as a result of its VoIP protocol and technologies. One of its most important uses it to create long-distance calls and faxes over the internet without worrying about phone bill at the end of  the month.
  • Seamless communication is another significant factor which makes businesses switch to cloud. Cloud PBX business phone systems allow you to use one centralized phone number for multiple devices and workplace locations, letting you cut back on communication costs. So, now there’s no need to incorporate a lot of numbers or extensions.
  • An auto attendant can forward calls (according to your preferences ) to your mobile device, making sure you receive all critical messages even during vacations or whenever you’re traveling.
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance process becomes simple with cloud PBX. You can have updates and other issues handled quickly online, and 24/7 support is also available to you. You may confidently focus on expanding your company.
  • It is possible to include virtual extensions on the internet should you add users to your subscriptions. The elimination is just as straightforward. You also get the flexibility to change to some other subscription or add features like local numbers or toll-free amounts that could accommodate the changing demands of your company.

Equipment/Services Utilization

Present Landlines

You’ll be able to keep all present landlines and forward calls from hosted cloud PBX phone system to such lines. For instance, when some individual calls your”sales” section, the cloud PBX business phone system could concurrently call numerous members’ phone lines. This will help save you money on your landline bills.

Cell Phones

Your workers who are out in the field may also use cell phones. You may forward any calls from a hosted PBX phone service to their mobile phones and some services even permit you to transfer calls to other extensions (maybe even other mobile phones) or send the caller to voicemail.

VoIP Hosted PBX Service

This solution removes any need to have a phone line with a local provider to make or receive calls. It permits you to use multi-line digital telephones that can plug directly into an online connection. There’s also the possibility to choose soft lines. These are actually computer based applications that simulate any company telephone which you can use to get or make calls with the support of any USB set.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphones permit you to incorporate your mobile workforce to business service in a far better way. You can use apps like Bria for iOS or Android to allow smartphones to act as desk phones in the home office. In this manner, smartphones can exhibit only business caller ID, masking the caller ID of the smartphone. Use of the app also suggests that there isn’t any requirement to forward calls for smartphones since these devices are now able to receive or make calls as though it is a desk phone. Smartphone programs are best for all the mobile employees of a business whereas office workers can utilize VoIP phones. Both of these approaches over cloud PBX phone system complement each other and can be readily utilized in conjugation.