Symptoms of Cold Sores

Don’t you just hate those little fever blisters on your lips which emerge about 2-3 times a year?You can never tell when you are about to get a fever...

Don’t you just hate those little fever blisters on your lips which emerge about 2-3 times a year?You can never tell when you are about to get a fever blister.  You simply feel a little burning bump two days before it becomes visible, but you generally don’t feel cold sore symptoms. A cold sore feels like you are catching a cold, which is how it got its name. But the simple fact of the matter is that cold sores symptoms reveal when one contracts an illness. Worse yet, it’s there to stay. So far there is no remedy for it.  Yes, cold sores can be treated, but what causes it, the herpes virus, can’t. It resides in the human body, and the body can only be treated briefly. Overtime,  it appears again triggered by cold, reduced resistance, and other ailments. But don’t feel lonely – 90% of the population has this herpes virus. The majority of the time it’s lively, hence it doesn’t always pop out on the lips; it’s waiting for the immune system to reduce its guard, and then it will pop up. Image result for cold sore

Cold Sores Symptoms

Anything which weakens the immune system is possibly a cause for the herpes virus, and consequently for fever blisters. Mechanical stimuli, like kissing with those infected, drinking from the same cup or bottle or eating from the same plate as the herpes carrier, etc. may also lead to the herpes infection. Can you prevent cold sores from appearing? In actuality, it is a lot healthier for you and those around you, if fever blisters have been seen before they even have an opportunity to come to the surface. In terms of cold sores symptoms, look closely at the following indications: facial tenseness, particularly around the mouth, a painful sensation in the lip (where fever blisters are going to emerge) and mild itching around the lips. If these cold sores symptoms are overlooked, next comes the subsequent phase, accompanied by reddening and swelling of the lips, the look of red dots, which, if not treated in time, transform into densely-populated small bubbles comprising transparent liquid. (Do not pop fever blisters; differently this liquid discharged introduces more threat to people around you, and it prevents from faster healing). The final stage comes when these bubbles pop open in their own and dry out, covered with brown tissue, which falls off by itself.

Dealing with Cold Sores

First and foremost, take care of the immune system with physical exercise, a healthy diet, and a healthy lifestyle. When your immune system is in great condition, cold sores symptoms are not as likely to disturb you. But if you contracted it and it seems every now and then, just wait it out. Cold sores symptoms will disappear and so will the cold sores themselves. It’s simply a matter of time. It takes ten days to two weeks to be free of those fever blisters. For quick recovery, you can use anti -herpes treatments that you can apply locally.