Finding The Right Divorce Attorney

Given the cost and chaos, a divorce can wreak on a family. It is advised that couples who are separating in anticipation of divorce try to work out an...

Given the cost and chaos, a divorce can wreak on a family. It is advised that couples who are separating in anticipation of divorce try to work out an amicable arrangement. This might be done in several ways:

  • filing an uncontested divorce
  • using a mediator
  • adhering to a collaborative divorce process

Every one of these is preferable over a trial because they save money and time. But in case you will need an attorney, you need to select the right one.

Do not only interview one attorney

When picking a divorce attorney, interview three or four before making your final choice. Your friends and family may refer you to an attorney; however, make sure it is the right one for you. Go in with a set of questions. Evaluate and compare the answers from each candidate before hiring someone.

Below are a few important questions to ask to help you make a choice:

  • Do you feel comfortable sharing the intimate details of your situation?
  • Are you satisfied with the answers to your questions?
  • Does the attorney appear to comprehend your wants, or is lots of explanation required?
  • Is your attorney’s average client engagement negotiating a settlement or going to court?
  • What’s the attorney’s primary method of communicating with customers (telephone, email, meetings)? Is that compatible with your preferred method of communication?

Find someone with these traits

The following is a list of important qualities your attorney should have. It is not comprehensive.

  • Provides you the confidence to speak honestly
  • Listens if you have something to say
  • Makes you feel comfortable about the divorce procedure
  • Is willing to answer any questions

The qualities listed above all focus on the principle that attorney client connection should be complete disclosure and private. It is important for an attorney to tell you their fees up front because divorce can be pricey. Even divorces that go smoothly can get pricey.

The choice of which attorney to pick is yours. Some common approaches to picking an attorney are:

  • choosing someone similar to yourself so that they know how you think
  • choosing someone similar to your ex so that they understand the psychological responses.
  • deciding that you want the most top notch priciest attorney out there.

The choice is ultimately yours.

Even though you picked the attorney that best suits you, you may feel anxiety when first walking into your attorneys office. This is very common. It is a completely new situation and everything is uncommon to you. The perfect attorney should be able to put your anxiety to rest.

Look for red flags

Unfortunately, many attorneys tell you what you would like to hear just to close the deal. Though this is your life, it’s business for them. There are not any guarantees in this process. If an attorney talks about high-profile customers or divulges confidential information in line with different scenarios, it’s highly probable they will do the exact same to you. If they are not respectful of other divorce attorneys you’re interviewing, it’s an indication they won’t be to you. During your interview,  if they are constantly distracted by phone calls and emails and can’t concentrate, they likely won’t concentrate during your divorce case. Make sure that the attorney you select acts depending on the professional ethics of the company and treats you with the respect and attention you deserve. This might be their business, but it’s your  life.

Is going to be the fees be consistent with other businesses?

Most attorneys make the first meeting free. Be certain that you are aware of the costs and ask questions if you are not sure about any portion of the billing.  The cost can reach the tens of thousands of dollars, it’s an excellent idea to put aside these tools whenever possible to ensure you have enough money to engage the attorney of choice.