How To Patent Your Invention

Plato once said: “necessity is the mother of invention”. Do you have an idea of something to invent? Do you feel like you need to get it out there...

Plato once said: “necessity is the mother of invention”. Do you have an idea of something to invent? Do you feel like you need to get it out there to society? Before you go ahead and do it, you will  have to be certain that your idea is protected. To safeguard the idea of your invention, there are a couple of actions you can follow with a patent. These measures are as follows:

Write it down

First of all, it’s an excellent idea to write your invention idea down. Putting pen and paper together is simple. However, writing your idea down will force yourself to think of the details of your invention. Make certain to break all your ideas into its significant elements. Consider the variations you may include by adding or changing to your invention idea. As soon as you have everything written down, then you will have proof of your invention idea. This is just the first step in preparing a patent application for the invention idea you have come up with.

Do some Research

Second, the next thing to do in a patent application is to do some hunting. This searching will enable you to determine if your invention is an original and distinctive idea. Many inventors took the wrong approach of a patent application only to discover that there was a patent on that idea. As a result, you might wind up going broke. Legal actions may also be held against you. This step is often overlooked but shouldn’t be.

Decide on your type of patent

You will have to decide whether to go ahead and file a non provisional or provisional patent application.

  • Provisional patent applications are extremely affordable. However, it might take some time for your invention to be accepted.
  • If a non provisional file isn’t filed within twelve months, then you won’t be able to apply for a provisional patent application. Non provisional applications mean that more work is necessary. Patent application claims are all set. They will supply you with the necessary legal rights to your invention.
Who will write your patent

Decide if a patent lawyer  will draft your idea. You also have the choice to do it by yourself. It’s a better idea to have a professional do the work for you. This is because the work will be higher in standard. They are also able to offer claims that people would otherwise overlook.

Submit your patent

Last of all, your invention idea will be submitted in the US Patent and Trademark office. Here they give your application a comprehensive review. While this is happening, you have the chance to sell your invention idea.

Applying for a patent application for your invention often creates a huge difference when it comes to protecting your idea. You might not want someone else to take your idea from you or take credit for it. You may  one day make history, just like Thomas Edison once did.