8 Reasons You Should Get an MBA

Earning your MBA, master’s of business administration, usually creates stability in one’s career. Many people think of this degree as a shiny trophy on their resumes. Others wonder if...

Earning your MBA, master’s of business administration, usually creates stability in one’s career. Many people think of this degree as a shiny trophy on their resumes. Others wonder if an MBA degree is worth their time and money. Regardless, everyone agrees that earning an MBA requires a lot of discipline that pays off in the long run. If you are wondering if you should enroll in an MBA program, here are a few compelling reasons to do so:

1. Endless Career Opportunities

Whether you choose a career as an accountant or a restaurateur, an MBA will give you essential skills and knowledge to advance your career. Most importantly, an MBA provides you the skill set for managerial positions. An MBA will teach you to:

  • think like a businessperson
  • understand business terms and data
  • make major decisions
  • Fix issues

Employers recognize the value of an MBA degree and often require their employees to use the skill set they learned when obtaining their MBA.

2. Change Your Career, or Start Your Own Business

Your present career may not have opportunity for much growth. Or maybe your current job doesn’t fully take advantage of your abilities. A person with an MBA usually knows how the work force operates and what companies need. An MBA program trains you in numerous areas of the business world. This helps people change their careers.

Also, if you don’t want to work for someone you can work for yourself. An MBA teaches you the skills to start your own business. Many experts believe that a business school education is an important asset when starting a business. Statistics show that a business that is managed by a skilled business school graduate is twice as likely to succeed over others.


3. Transition from Classroom to Workplace

The MBA curriculum typically includes real-life case studies and problem-solving exercises. This makes the transition from analyzing business to running a business much smoother than any other area. Teamwork is heavily integrated in any MBA program to educate you to work well with others. This further educates you about real life business scenarios.  The objective of business school is to prepare you to be a capable and competent business person.  The skills you learn in the classroom will be incredibly helpful to you during your career. To put it simply, business owners need somebody who has expertise in real-life circumstances and can combine that knowledge with learned concepts.

4. The Salary = KA-Ching!

When folks consider business people, they think of money. They think of individuals who manage, exchange, make, and handle money. And even though a person’s earnings relies on lots of variables, individuals who graduate from an MBA program can anticipate a comparatively large salary. Based on PayScale.com’s 2010 salary poll, a Bachelor of Arts grad earns on average $57,311 while an MBA graduate will most likely make $84,257.

To give you more of a comprehensive idea, here’s what the Bureau of US Labor Statistics provides for hourly wages in the year 2009:

Financial managers: $54.68
Personnel and labor relations managers: $50.73
Managers: advertising, advertising, public relations: $57.73
Managers: health and medicine: $43.74
Managers: properties and real estate: $28.20
Accountants and auditors: $32.42

5. Networking

Probably among the most important advantages of an MBA program are the relationships you make. As stated earlier, a large portion of each MBA program will entail working in groups to complete projects. Getting comfortable with group work serves a more important function than simply teaching you how you can play nice with other people. It also can help you forge a community of alumni that will be your contacts later on. Making as many contacts as possible will serve you well when you’re seeking jobs or services from a vast variety of businesses where your former classmates are now working. An MBA degree attracts talented individuals from many diverse fields, meaning these networking opportunities may translate into lifelong partnerships and reward you with valuable relationships.

What about an online MBA program? And what are a few good reasons to think about completing an MBA program online?

6. Convenience

It’s convenient for you to pursue an MBA program online as long as you have a good internet connection at home, in your workplace, or even at coffee shops. In short, provided that you have access to the world wide web, you’re able to study anywhere, any time. As an example, in case you currently have a full-time job, you can use your lunch breaks to brush up on some classes and/or catch up with your class materials.

The cost of pursuing the program online is cheaper compared with the conventional program. There are many on campus fees. In addition,  gas expenses can be deducted.

7. Comfort

Completing your MBA degree online means that you can study at your own pace. You can attend classes in the comfort of your own home wearing whatever you want. In addition, you will also not have any constraints with eating during class or listening to music during class. Time management is also at your own discretion. You can also schedule your exams anytime in the allotted schedule the professor provides. 

8. Less Stress

By studying at home, you’ll be less stressed. It is free from peer pressure.  Since it is online, there are no classmates to compete against. 

As you can see there are 8 good reasons to enroll in an online MBA program. All it takes is a willingness to practice self-discipline and a good internet connection.