10 Best Military Discounts

If you’re a member of the military, you can get terrific discounts at places all over the United States. These companies are more than delighted to offer deals to...

If you’re a member of the military, you can get terrific discounts at places all over the United States. These companies are more than delighted to offer deals to people who fight for our nation. If you’ve never shopped at these stores, here are some terrific places to flash your military ID to get a discount. 

Best Restaurant Discount

Lonestar Steakhouse & Saloon has a lot of delicious appetizers and meals. The discount in this restaurant is superb. All veterans and active duty military get a complimentary entrée on the Stars and Stripes menu. Based on the location, some Lonestar Steakhouse restaurants also offer a 10%-20% discount.

Best Electronics Discount

Microsoft has lots of discounts for those in the military as a way to show appreciation. You can get Office 365 for $69.99 per year, which is a 30% discount from the normal price. This program includes the complete Office Suite including Skype, so it’s easy to call family while you’re away from your home.

Best Health Discount

Group Health Eye Care provides a 20% discount on all prescription eyeglasses at their optical shops for all federal employees, military, and retirees.  In addition, service members can get a 20% one-time discount on contact lenses.

Best Retail Discount

Foot Locker offers a military discount for people who are now or have served in the United States Military. The deal enables you to save 20% off purchases. Foot Locker will ask that you confirm your service to qualify for any savings. Spouses and dependents may also be eligible for this discount.

Best Entertainment Discount

Cinemark offers a military discount at a number of theaters across the United States. You can find a complete listing of the places on the website. The discount varies from theater to theater, but regular movies can cost as little as $8.

Best Education Discount

If you’re an active military member and your kids are having a tough time in college, you can receive free help at tutor.com. The website provides support for service members if they’re in school or their kids need help with homework in grades K-12.

Best Auto Discount

If you’re in the market for a new car, you can get thousands of dollars in discounts when you shop at General Motors. The discounts for new vehicles are around $4,990. The eligible vehicles are from 2016 and range from compact cars to trucks and SUVs.

Best Shipping Discount

Moving can be a hassle for anybody, but it can be especially draining for military families. Penske Truck provides all experienced and active military personnel a discount of 10%-20% depending on the services you need.

Best Insurance Discount

Auto insurance can be quite expensive, but GEICO provides a discount of 15% over the complete insurance premium. For those who have a $1,400 six-month premium, you can see a savings of $210. That’s like getting a free month of service.

Best Travel Discount

Spending a weekend at Disney is fun and cheap for military personnel. The discounts vary occasionally, so check back frequently. Currently, the discount through December 19th, 2016 is four-day entrance for $196 plus tax.